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Educators can send students specific activities to complete using the activity share links. Try sending a playlist of your classroom favorites that students can complete at their pace at home.

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Virtual Dance Party Graphics (3)

...or screenshare GoNoodle.

Host a virtual dance party on Google Hangouts, Skype, Microsoft Classroom, Zoom, or the distance learning platform of your choice. Share your screen and be sure to enable computer audio. We do not recommend sharing your GoNoodle login. Parents can create a free home account at GoNoodle.com

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Morning Mix

Rise and Shine Mix

Get up and get the day started in this 30 minute morning playlist featuring warm-ups, stretches, and our favorite songs!

Midday Movement

Disco Daze Mix

Keep the energy flowing with these fun activities designed to give you an energy boost in the middle of your day.

Power Down

Power Down Mix

Slow down and end the day strong with this mix of calming and mindfulness activities designed to help you settle down after a busy day.

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